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Carefully curated books, learning experiences and conversations await your child! Our parent workshops, author interactions and individualized attention ensure the child becomes a lifelong learner!


Are you interested in researching space exploration or want the latest Manga comic? Are you looking for a stimulating biography or a breezy summer read? Whether you are 6 or 86, we have just the book for you.

Learning Lab

Exciting programs are brewing at the learning lab! Literacy workshops, STEM/ STEAM programs, art-science collabs and puppet shows are only a taster of events! Open for ages between 6 months and 14 years.


We offer schools literacy partnerships. Our teacher training workshops, library enrichment programs, book exhibitions and consulting services are customized to IB, CBSE, ICSE and state schools.


Kaye Jacob, Director & Principal
The Heritage School
Gurgaon, Haryana

“If I had not made a connection with you four or five years ago, I am certain that we would not have been able to make as much progress with literacy particularly in upper elementary and middle school as we have made.


Your expertise in children’s, middle years and young adult literature is on par with anyone I have met, and your collection reflects the best of what is written specifically for these age groups available anywhere–and significantly, NOT available in most local bookstores or exhibitions. Because you had access to the best publishers in the world, you were able to channel those resources to our classrooms and libraries. You helped us launch our first-ever lexile-based book fair to support the introduction of reading comprehension assessments in our school, which meant that parents, students and teachers could see for themselves what we mean by text complexity and independent close reading skills applied even to “reading for pleasure.” Because very few Indian authors write seriously for children and young people, without importing literature from around the world, our students are limited in their access to high quality literature  that they can read independently but which is not “dumbed down” in a condescending assumption about what kids will or will not read. I maintain because I have seen it happen over my forty-year career, that students love to read even challenging literature when it is well-written–and their willingness to tackle textbooks and “chapters” is a result of this love of reading, and not the other way around.


I also know for a fact that the work you are doing has challenged other much bigger “fish” to raise the calibre of the resources they make available to Indian schools as well!”


Paro Anand
New Delhi, Delhi

The most attractive thing about One Up is Dalbir herself. An endless source of focused energy that translated into a bookstore that was more than a bookstore, because it was a place where kids felt comfortable and secure and never felt judged.


There was always such a buzz of happiness emanating from the place, the light and energy, the openness contributed to making One Up more an experience than just another store. The focus remained on being the bridge between books and young people.

Dalbir and her team know their books, love their books and are keen to share that love. Dalbir armed herself with knowledge and training on how children read and grow as readers and has always pushed for books to find a greater space in young people’s hearts and minds.


Usha Pandit, Educationist and Mentor
Neerja Modi, Heritage Schools
Mumbai, Maharashtra

One Up provides an excellent library and experience centre. lt has a well considered international selection of books that can vie with the best libraries in the world.


The care, and the attention paid to detail in all aspects of the child’s growth and learning is a pleasure to witness. Much recommended for bibliophiles.

Dalbir has wide and deep knowledge of books, and is a unique library person who will recommend, critique, and drool over the book with you. There is a passion and intelligence in her that is rare to find even in teachers of literature.

I would say grab Dalbir.  The library is the hub of your school’s learning and research activity. Your librarian needs to be trained in being the soul of that space, to collaborate and coordinate learning across the school and create pedagogical value. Dalbir will show them how to. She will advise you on a balanced selection of books that many of us in teaching are not equipped to do because sadly, we have stopped reading. Being highly trained herself, she  will train teachers on how to use the books in the classroom with children to bring out the best in them. She will work with your budget and what you buy from her will be excellent value for money as opposed to spending a library budget ad hoc on ill-informed random book availability in the market. The library books orders should be placed  through her as she needs to be remunerated for what she does gratis.


Vinit Uppal
Amritsar, Punjab

One Up in Amritsar was a godsend for both my children. It gave them opportunities and opened up doors for them which we couldn’t conceive possible. It exposed them to the world of education and being educated beyond just being literate.


Both Riya and Bir  love reading and Oneup was the perfect place for them to develop their passion. The annual reading championship, the many book readings, the variety of workshops – they have all played a pivotal role in their growing up years. Oneup was a second home for them.

Oneup has provided my children with the perfect environment to broaden their horizons and expand their thinking. Dalbir has invested so much time, commitment and passion and my children have been very fortunate and benefited hugely from her experience. She took Riya and Bir under her wing and has treated them like her own. It is the best environment for any child and I highly recommend it.