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Our Team

Dalbir Kaur Madan
Dalbir Kaur MadanFounder and Literacy Specialist
Dalbir Kaur Madan is an educational entrepreneur committed to creating high-rigor and child-centred libraries and learning spaces.
She is a lifelong learner, supplementing her masters in education and undergraduate degree in political science, with regular courses in reading, brain development and teaching methodologies.
In 2011, she created the first state-of-the-art One Up library, Bookstore and Experience Center in Amritsar. Dalbir believes that 21st century children need spaces beyond schools that specifically centre around critical reading and thinking, and promote curiosity, collaboration, conversations, and community-building. To nourish more children with these opportunities, she is inaugurating the second One Up library, book studio and learning lab in New Delhi in August 2017.
Vidushi Chaudhry
Vidushi ChaudhryCurriculum Design and Operations
Vidushi is a special educator, curriculum developer teacher trainer and entrepreneur who has over 13 years of work experience in two countries. In addition to a Masters in Psychology, she has certifications in learning disabilities, creative writing, grant writing and entrepreneurship. While she works on an Arizona teaching certification, she writes short stories and articles about education.
Vidushi was a popular workshop leader in our Amritsar center, and continues training adults and teachers in the US. She also co-founded the Mindsprings Enrichment Centre in Mumbai, and brings entrepreneurial expertise to hiring and management at One Up, Delhi.
Deepika Mannan
Deepika MannanLibrary Operations and Literacy Facilitator
Deepika has been with One Up since its inception 6 years ago, and remains the heartbeat of our centres. She started as an intern, progressed through the ranks and currently manages all library operations. She has multiple degrees including an MBA and triple Bachelors in Education, English and Commerce.
Deepika uses her Trinity Certification to teach communication to children. She is an expert in selecting children’s books and guiding both parents and children towards the best programs for them. She leads both group and individual sessions, delighting in the progress of children and the diversity of the human mind.


Are you a reader who wants to work with kids?

Do you want to work in a dynamic organization which is constantly growing?

One Up Library, Bookstudio and Experience Centre is looking for full time staff at our Vasant Vihar office in Delhi:

  1. An accountant
  2. A front office/ receptionist
  3. A musician/ music teacher with love for literacy
  4. A STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) teacher

Email your resumes to: oneuprecruits@gmail.com