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One Up has been supplying books to schools across India since 2011. We nurture relationships with the best publishers and book agents across the globe to provide our readers with a unique collection, combining contemporary titles with beloved classics.

One Up is committed to creating libraries within schools, so that every reader, even the reluctant one, discovers the magic of reading. Our aim is not just to create pleasure in reading, but to exercise the imagination, argue with the writer, comprehend both the literal and figurative meanings and create children who are able to relate their reading to real-life.

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Book Exhibitions

The Book exhibition is valuable for all stakeholders- children, parents and educators. One Up offers schools book exhibitions based on parameters like Lexiles, genres and themes. We can customize these exhibitions around your desired units of study in science, social studies, math as well as language and literature. In addition to a unique and curated collection, we work closely with the school librarian and parents. Workshops with parents on raising readers or building a reading culture are also included. Our trained representatives’ aid book selection and make the experience of a One Up book exhibition a unique one.

Teacher Training Workshops

Schools are central to a child’s literacy, comprehension and fluency. At One Up, we see ourselves as partners to the school. Our workshops have evolved from the needs of our school partners, as well as our exposure to international best practices. This list continues to expand with the experiences of our facilitators in India, Italy and the US. We aim to empower school teachers and librarians with practical, easy-to-use strategies.

We offer the following workshops:

  • Raising 21st century readers

  • Big books reading program

  • Reading is thinking

  • The art of text selection

  • Inquiry based reading

  • Raising critical readers and thinkers

  • Read Aloud: A scientific method

  • Guided reading strategies for middle school

  • Libraries, central to literacy programs

  • Designing a library program for yearlong activities

  • Informal reading assessments as a curriculum tool

  • Early literacy program: every child ready to read

For more information about these, please CONTACT US

Parent Workshops

Readers are built at home, as much as in school. Thus, we offer our parent partners the following workshops to create readers.

1. Role of parents in raising readers.
2. Overcoming the middle school reading slump.
3. Celebrating a literacy rich environment.
4. Creating a reading culture

In addition, One Up will offer special workshops at our centre. To find out about these, please look at our events page or follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Library set-up and up-gradation

As 21st century education changes, our libraries become more central to providing knowledge access to students. Our goal is to collaborate with schools to create a warm, stimulating and safe library environment. In order to achieve equitable physical and intellectual access to learning resources and tools, we provide schools with:

1․ Consultation to upgrade or enrich libraries
2․ Materials including levelled reading books and research-based reading lists
3․ Librarian training in creating literary programs and events
4․ Reading assessments
5․ Student workshops on reading, inquiry, critical reading and comprehension
6․ Summer reading programs
7․ Strategies to integrate school libraries and classroom need

In order to set up a consultation with us for your school needs, please CONTACT US