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One Up offers an annual membership. You can call us at 97791 07797 or write to us at  info@oneuplibrary.com to become a member. We will ask you to fill out a form when you visit us and deposit the annual membership fee.

The One Up library membership guarantees an all-access pass to our extensive and carefully curated library. We provide our members with a friendly space to read,  access to our author events, regularly scheduled free events at the library and a 10% discount at our bookstore. We also like to surprise our members with promotional offers and exciting events!

Our library membership ensures access to the library space, issue and return of books and all non-paid events notified in our library spaces. However, One Up also offers paid events and workshops, which are open to both members and non-members. These additional paid events are not included in the library membership. Members can pay-as-they-go to avail these services. 

One Up does not offer refunds on library fees. 

No. The One Up library has been created after great deliberation and painstaking selection of titles that are not easily available. Thus, it is not possible to offer a trial program.

Yes. One Up offers a 10% discount at our bookstore to all library members. In addition, we like to spoil our members with promotions, freebies and treats.  We ask that all members carry their library cards to avail these offers.

Learning labs are special, individualized centers. Here, children learn the skills of observation, identification, comparing/contrasting, question generation and theory creation. Whether we are doing a STEM program, a guided reading program or any sort of workshop, children will learn these scientific skills.  

One Up offers programs, experiences and workshops for babies of 6 months to 14 years. These include programs on literacy, read alouds, STEAM/ STEM workshops, and even transdisciplinary programs ( example combining Science with music or literacy with community development.)

One Up was started by a parent, with the intention of bringing quality books and experiences to all children. Thus, we understand parental ambition. We encourage parents and children to identify dreams, whether it is becoming an astronaut or head girl, whether it is practicing dance or creating a best-selling device. We identify the student’s affinities and strengths and use these as a springboard to excellence and dream-fulfillment.

In addition to acquiring a lifelong love for books, many of our students have been placed in excellent boarding schools, cleared Ivy League college interviews and credit learning how to learn at One Up with their success. 

We keep you updated about upcoming events through email, Facebook and updates on our website. You can also fill our contact form to be placed on our mailing list.

An IRA helps the library and family learn the child’s current reading level, which helps us select the right Lexile level of books for them. By tracking the child’s progress, we can guarantee measurable gains in reading comprehension and fluency.  For more information, fill out our contact form.

A child who is already a reader stands to gain immensely from the One Up program as we provide enriched reading options, adding diversity to your little reader’s existing exposure to books and present options that will accelerate him/her further on the reading curve. The events at the library further enrich  reading by stimulating thoughts, interaction with other children and providing opportunities to explore, discuss different ideas and topics in a conducive setting – a greenhouse for your sapling.


Members enjoy an array of free services which include participation in:

  • Author visits

  • Read- aloud sessions

  • Special day celebrations

  • Parents workshops

  • Specialized talks

  • Some informal reading assessments

  • Movie-time

  • Digital Research facility

  • Ted-Ed Club participation 


Yes we organize book exhibitions. We offer curated and specialized book exhibitions to meet the diverse needs of schools, their readers and libraries. Our book exhibitions feature award-winning books, age-appropriate materials and book talks and are organized on the basis of genre, Lexile and themes. A unique element of our book exhibitions is the one to one complimentary counselling sessions for parents in helping them select appropriate books for their children. 

The One Up exhibition is unique because it is curated to your school’s needs. After the exhibition is confirmed, a One Up representative meets the school librarian, and assesses the existing resources in the library. We offer three benefits:

  1. Library Enrichment- We provide a wealth of thoughtfully selected books as an incentive, based on our survey of the  school library.
  2. Complementary parent interaction- We provide a short information session for parents, who are important collaborators in the child’s reading journey. This  includes practical and easy-to-implement strategies to help their children read and tips on book selection.
  3. Teacher workshop- On occasion, One Up offers schools a complementary teacher training session, sharing current literacy research and classroom strategies to encourage reading.

Library enrichment is an important aspect of One Up’s work. This involves assessment of current library resources, an interview with the librarian, principal and language heads and a written report.  Based on this investigation, we upgrade the library with resources, provide complimentary training workshops for teachers, librarians and parents.

Yes, we excel at setting up high impact libraries for new schools within set out budgets. We believe that the library is a fundamental component of a school’s language, arts and literacy program. Our library consultancy includes a range of services, from designing  an engaging learning space to to book procurement that are uniquely designed to the school’s specific needs and objectives.

We identify the needs of the school’s reading program & library and offer a wide array of workshops.
Our most popular workshops include:

  • Raising Curious Readers

  • Reading is Thinking

  • Libraries as Learning Laboratories

  • Reading in 21st century

  • Visual literacy in 21st century

  • 21 Activities to re-energise your library

  • A 360 DEGREE view on Reading