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At the One Up Bookstudio, we invite you to browse, sink into a book and forget the frenetic pace of life outside. We aspire to give you back that childhood joy of turning the crisp pages of a must-read book or create new sensory book memories for your children.

The Bookstudio honors all kinds of readers, and respects all their preferences. Our trained librarians and staff are book-lovers themselves and can talk to you about your needs or interests, to make personalized recommendations.

Do you love the measured writing of Chomsky and Capote? Are you looking for a page-turner that makes you think? From the classics to the contemporary, the One Up Bookstudio caters to all kinds of interests and all kinds of minds.Whether you are looking to enrich the life of a baby, a grandparent or a busy professional, we have something for you!

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  • If you want to read more about the power of books at every stage of life, read Will Schwalbe’s wonderful piece HERE